Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Face of Evil

Audio books have helped pass time productively as we have traveled many hours on the road lately.
Rachelle and I started through Narnia a couple of months ago on our St. Louis trips, and after our recent  college visits/auditions, we are almost through the entire six books. 

I am reminded once again of C.S. Lewis's perception and how he so capably communicates through his writing skills. What a creative and perceptive mind!

Not long ago at church, we discussed "The Face of Evil." As we dug into trying to understand and get a better grasp on it, we came to the conclusion (as I understood it) that the root of evil is the human will choosing to exert itself over others selfishly. Wow! Who of us hasn't done that?! 

When you consider, though, the most hideous acts in human history are rooted in this very reality. Think of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Herod the Great, on and on we could go. When you cut through all the surface stuff, you can see (at the root) a human will choosing to accomplish, by whatever means it takes, his way, his will  without regard or care for others or God.

Kind of sobering, isn't it? Could it be that simple? The most heinous acts in history are that "close" to everyone of us? It certainly makes me want to be even more careful to pay attention to what I'm doing to my family, my friends, and even passersby. Does my will need to prevail?  Certainly not without careful consideration for others and for God.

I pray God will check me anytime I'm headed down a path anywhere near this, for I want to stay as far as possible away from the face of evil!

I bow before our Maker, 
and I reach my hand out to each of my brothers and sisters--you! 
May we together seek His will and only the best for each other.

Have a blessed weekend.