Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Fever and Scholarship Auditions

What busy days! 

Rachelle has now been officially accepted and awarded academic scholarships from the schools to which she applied. She has finished all but one of the music scholarship auditions and just heard this afternoon that her final music audition will be Friday at 10:30! It'll be so nice to have these hurdles jumped through!

We made a crazy trip last week, a 12-hour drive to a college in VA on Thursday and then back 9-hours the next day to meet LaRae in Indianapolis! We all four came home Saturday in time for our Valentine banquet with church family. Sunday was a big day with a house full of company for lunch and our 4 PM music service which I lead. Then Monday, Curt took Rachelle to another college to visit and audition while I spent the morning with LaRae before she returned to Michigan. Once this week is over, Chelle (and I!) will feel like we get a fresh start: new music, new goals, new routines! She has worked for years to accomplish these goals. I'm proud of her and appreciate her applying herself diligently. Trusting Jesus makes so much difference in life! It's the best way to live!

I have spring fever this year worse than ever. Since I can spend most of my time at home, I thoroughly enjoy the warm fire and the overall coziness of home during the winter, but for some reason, I'm more ready this year to see things green up and bloom and blossom again. Must be my age. :)

I trust you are having good, productive days!