Monday, February 18, 2013

Questions about Gay Marriage

Sometimes questions can cause us to think more than statements. I'd like to have answers for these questions from those who support gay marriage.

  1. What is marriage? What are the inherent, fundamental constituent features of marriage? 

  2. Supporters of [gay marriage claim] marriage has no inherent connection to gender, sexual complementarity, or reproductive potential. If marriage has no inherent connection to gender, sexual complementarity or reproductive potential, why are you limiting it to two people? 

  3. Marriage revisionists claim that the sole defining feature of marriage is love. They claim that marriage is solely about “who loves whom.” If that’s so, why is the government involved? Does the government have a vested interest in affirming the love of those in an inherently non-reproductive type of relationship? If the government has a vested interest in legally recognizing and affirming love, then why doesn’t it recognize other loving relationships, like close platonic friendships? 

  4. Do children have an inherent right to a mother and a father? 

  5. Since many claim that access to marriage is a “civil right,” could you tell me what civil rights are? Is access to civil rights guaranteed to couples or to individuals?

  6. Are polyamorists and bisexuals denied their civil rights and are they being treated unequally since they cannot marry the persons they love? 

  7. Since marriage revisionists assert that the prohibition of “same-sex marriage” is analogous to the prohibition of interracial marriage, could you tell me in what specific ways homosexual unions are analogous to interracial unions? 

  8. In educating yourself on this issue that will radically alter marriage and culture, can you tell me specifically what you’ve read about marriage, including what marriage is, what the public purpose of marriage is, and how the legalization of “same-sex marriage” would affect the culture? 1.
1. Illinois Family Institute