Friday, January 25, 2013

Link to LaRae's Concerto and A Thought For Friday

Curt and I are enjoying our time working here in the hotel room while Rachelle rehearses with the orchestra these few days at IMEA. Curt can work full days even while away from the office due to the blessing of modern technology.

LaRae stays in touch every day... another blessing of modern technology! She has concerto competition tomorrow which is adding to her already full load, but things are going well for her. She is playing this beautiful Saint-Saens Concerto. (1st. movement) It grows on me every time I listen. I chose this particular version because it's just audio. You can concentrate on the beauty of the music without much visual distraction... sorry about the goofy girl drawing. Closing your eyes helps. ; )

In my This Day with the Master devotional book by Dennis F. Kinlaw, I read insightful truth today.

Theology books are always written in the third person. They present God as an object to be studied, and one rarely hears of anyone being converted while reading a theology book. The only way a person can ever be converted is if God is understood not in the third person but in the first person. He must become the subject and we must become the object. Unfortunately, most of Christianity is a massive effort to keep God in the third person. But there is no salvation until he is the first person and we deal with him face-to-face...  
Is he in the third or the first person for you? Are you talking about him, working for him, reading of him? Or are you talking, working, and reading with him? Is your life a face-to-face communion with the I AM?

Thank You, Abba, for wanting continual communion with us!

Have a wonderful weekend!