Thursday, January 24, 2013

IMEA All State 2013

Rachelle studies while we wait for IMEA audition results

We are at IMEA All State Conference for the last time...
Rachelle stands outside the audition room this morning waiting for her turn.
She auditioned at 10:10 and results will not come in until between 4 and 5 PM.

Curt and I enjoy working here together while we wait and Chelle gets schoolwork done.

We have a lot of memories at the Peoria, IL IMEA All State Conference. LaRae came her 10th grade year 4 years ago. (This is our fifth year to be here.) What a joy it has been to hear the final performances. There are about 100 violinists who audition for one of the two orchestras, All State and Honors. Students from around the state are sent by their local districts and compete for one of the approximate 100 chairs. LaRae's senior year she was Principal 2nd, leading the 2nd violins in the Honors orchestra. Rachelle was chosen to compete for 1st violin only this year, so she will be one of the 50 first violinists, either one of 25 in the All State orchestra or 25 in Honors orchestra.

The competition is tough. How the judges make their decisions is beyond me. Surely, it's arbitrary at some point when you have so many good players competing and two judges listening to that many students back to back.

We really work to think correctly about things like this. There is the natural desire to get the best seat you can. As a mom, of course I feel the force to want my girls to do well. But, I know there are likely 198 other parents who want their children to do well too. While we wait with angst that cannot be completely quelled, we keep placing the results (as many times as the thought comes to mind) in the hands of God, knowing that we have done our preparation, now it's out of our hands. There is a release of anxiety and a sense of peace as we do this. But it takes continual effort.

Curt and I have told the girls throughout all these years of auditions that, once you do the preparation, the most important thing is how you respond when the results come in. Your worth is not changed a bit by such things as audition results.

We are very grateful, being homeschoolers, that the girls have had this opportunity, and we look forward to finding ways we can "give back" in the future.

P.S. Just got results... Chelle's very grateful and happy. She made Honors Orchestra 6th chair.