Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Few More Pics of IMEA All State 2013

Rachelle before her IMEA All State audition
Thursday morning
After rehearsing Thursday evening, all day Friday, and a short time Saturday morning,
it was concert time. Here she is waiting for Curt to join us. He was parking the van.
It's almost time for the All State concert.
"OK, Mom, if I have to pose..."
This was at the All State concert which was before Rachelle's honors concert.
Sometimes I have to be tricky to get pictures of my daughters. :)

Curt and me enjoying every moment!
The All State concert began at 1:00 PM,
then the Honors concert began a little after 3:00.

Here comes our girl...
Finding her chair...
Almost there...
Setting up her stand...
She enjoyed chit-chatting with her stand partner.
He was a pleasant young man from Chicago and a member of the Chicago Symphony Youth Orchestra.
He wasn't quite sure what to think of her, being an accomplished violinist from "Southern IL..."
He hesitantly asked, "Do you live on a farm?"
She found that very funny. 
Enjoying beautiful music!
They played the Finale of Tchaikovsky's Fifth
and a piece called Danzon #2 by Marquez, a fun Latin American piece.
Honors Orchestra, Choir, and Band did an arrangement of  "America" all together.
It was thrilling to hear... but kind of bittersweet to me given the state of our country.
Thanking the conductor...
This post helps me preserve wonderful memories of our last All State IMEA!

Happy Wednesday!