Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013: Off to A Good Start!

Over LaRae's break, the girls had us record a scene from The Importance of Being Earnest. It was very funny.

Our college girl is back to school. We miss her, but hearing her happy voice on the phone or the computer via Facetime brings us joy. She is plowing into her new semester with energy and excitement. She made the Dean's list yet again last semester with all A's. We're deeply grateful for her keen mind and commitment to apply herself and do her best. She is studying Homer in Classical Greek and Galatians in Koine Greek. She has Anglo-Saxon English and is studying the Aeneid in her Latin class. She has music history, which when completed will accomplish a music minor given the private lessons she is taking all four years as well as choir this semester along with orchestra and string chamber all four years. She teaches four violin students, tutors at the writing center, and plays her violin some at the church she attends. She has 21 hours again this semester. I hope she can get enough sleep and stay healthy!
Our high school senior is in her last semester of homeschool. (That's hard for me to believe! I'm pinching myself to see if I'm awake!) She is finishing up college applications and scholarship applications and will be traveling to do violin and piano auditions in the coming month or two. IMEA All State is a big event for her this month. Her Youth Orchestra rehearsals in St. Louis keep us running every Saturday. And some weeks, like this one, we have to go to St. Louis twice since our violin teacher can't always work us in on Saturday for a lesson. Rachelle is continuing a 2nd year online Latin course and an AP English Lit. course. She will review this semester for the Biology Clep exam and take that in a few months. She is studying Government/Economics on her own and continues to write every chance she gets. She has been working on her piano skills a lot more this past year and decided to audition for scholarships with both violin and piano. I'm pretty excited about that. I had given her lessons several years when she was younger, and to see her bring that all back and enjoy playing brings me great delight.

The girls had Curt play the butler.
The three of them keep me laughing!
We are blessed with health as far as we know. Curt is busy with work at the office and I'm busy here at home. The most wonderful thing I could share with you is that being made new by Jesus is real and keeps making our lives better and better! We continue to notice more of Jesus reflected in each other here at home and in our friends and family who share this pursuit of Him.
A couple nights ago, I had to enlist help from Curt and Rachelle. I direct our church youth orchestra, and it was time to get parts all prepared for the coming year (a two to three-hour job). In Rachelle's younger years, she would feel a task like this was boring and tedious, and though she didn't ever display an ugly attitude, she would certainly have wished she didn't have to do it. But this time, she was as cheery and helpful and bright as she could be as we went about our task. When we mentioned it later to her--how beautiful her attitude was--it was clear that she was wanting to be like Jesus. This task she was embracing as her "cross" for the moment, and she gladly took it on. She wanted to be a help and blessing to me. This mommy-heart has been joy-filled every time the incident comes to mind. I thank God again and again for the continual transformation He is making in our lives. His beauty is what I desire to spend my time pursuing more than anything else!
I wish you Him! I really mean it!