Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remembering Him

Is it a struggle for you to stay conscious of God every moment of the day?
It is for me, but I keep working at it, and I believe the moments I'm fully aware of Him are increasing.
The Psalmist says, "In thy presence is fullness of joy; In thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." But sometimes we don't act like we really believe it. We get caught up in life, and have to take ourselves back to the place of quiet communion again and again.
I've finished decorating the house for Christmas. That can take time away from other valuable things, but I do it because we enjoy the warmth and beauty of it all, and I do believe creating an atmosphere that produces a sense of warmth and welcome, peace and anticipation can be beneficial. I think it's a balancing act that I'll always have to work through thoughtfully. I'm not attached to my stuff. I'm thankful and enjoy what we have, but the things we have aren't my source of happiness or fulfillment. God knows that if He wanted us to give it all away and move to a mud hut in Africa, I'd be willing. In some ways, that would be easier!  
I'm glad the decorating task is done for this year, because now I can focus on  other aspects of the season. I'm looking forward to sharing time with friends and family, time where the clock seems to stand still and we sit at fireside, sipping our hot chocolate and discussing the big questions of life. We will probably even discover some new ideas we need to embrace in our understanding. There's nothing that builds close meaningful relationships like open honest conversation that contradicts something we previously held as true but now see in new light and mutually embrace with others.
I wish more people could be convinced that open honesty with ourselves and others is far better than refusing to think about and deal with the things we know (deep within) we should deal with. I'm afraid far too many of us just keep building the layers of denial, binding ourselves deeper and deeper into a fake world by refusing to think about the things that hurt and need to be dealt with. Stepping into the light is scary, but once we do and accept God's path to restoration as the answer to our hurt, it's so worth it!
I'm looking forward to LaRae being home, to the dramas our church children and youth will put on in a couple of weeks, and to time with Curt being home from work.
I pray you will have meaningful and fulfilling times with loved ones over the coming holidays. May we all be ever more aware of His presence as we experience once again this wondrous season!