Monday, December 3, 2012

LaRae's Messiah Performance

LaRae, with the college orchestra and choir performed Handel's Messiah this weekend. What a thrill for us to hear! It is treasured music to our family. My mother and I joined a local community choir in an annual production of selections from Messiah most of my growing up years. I sang alto, and to this day know the parts and love to sing them! It was all I could do to sit still and listen this weekend.
As is customary, I couldn't take pictures during the performance. (I snapped as many as I could before!) An announcement was made to put away cell phones and cameras before the concertmaster came out... and LaRae was the concertmaster!
So, I was pretty bitter about not being able to take her picture when she came out.
Above is her music waiting her arrival...
and her stand partner below.
After the concert, I took a few with LaRae.
LaRae and her daddy

Rachelle and LaRae

 Me and LaRae
My sister in law and brother went with us.
Actually, my folks got to go on Friday night.
Curt's mother, sister, and another friend went on Saturday night, and we went up with Keith and Rachel for the Sunday afternoon concert. It was a joy for LaRae to have special people from home at each of the concerts.
The musicians worked hard! They performed almost the entire Messiah three days in a row! If you aren't familiar with the music, there are 52 movements! I think they only left out 3 of them.  
So glad we got to go! If you've never heard the Messiah, I hope you get the chance soon!