Friday, November 2, 2012

Who Should You Vote For? Should Wives Vote?

I am posting this video for anyone who has made the decision to either:

1. not vote in Tuesday's election, or
2. vote for a 3rd party.

I'm also talking to the folks who have decided that only a husband should vote... I've heard that this is the case, and I'm appalled at the logic. With all due respect, this is incredibly misinformed. I can only conclude that it is a legalistic mindset which completely misses the point of Paul's admonition to the Corinthian church.

There is truth. There is a wisest path to follow. Any married couple who believes in and seeks to understand the mind of Christ can agree on the best person to vote for. In America, they are given two votes to help influence the outcome. If they only cast one ballot, they are only exercising half the influence that has been entrusted to them. Both share an equal responsibility for the outcome of elections, and both will equally suffer as well if they don't take the responsibility seriously.