Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Begins At Our House

 It's beginning to look more like Christmas around here...

I've only begun to make the change from fall to winter decor...
I'm slower at it these days. :)

I love to make a warm cozy home to enjoy with family and friends, 
but decorating the house is just not as big a deal as it use to be...

As I get older, I realize more fully how meaningless such things are in themselves.
Sure, it feels nice to have a cozily decorated home, but feelings are so fickle.

Relationships are so much more important!
They have the potential of never ending!
They bring deep joy and fulfillment to life.
I cherish the time we spent last week with people who are on the same path of searching for truth,
people who want truth more than anything else.
That's the kind of people I love to be with!

I hope you are enjoying sunny days, the ever-increasing spirit of Christmas in the air,
and continual fellowship with people who care about you and about what really matters!

Happy Wednesday!