Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Do We Say Such Things?

This is often the scene out my back windows early in the morning or at twilight... sometimes the two fawns dash across the yard like lightning streaks! It is funny to watch them. This morning one of them went flying into the woods, full speed ahead! I could see the white tail slicing through the trees perfecting missing all the underbrush. The turkeys are extremely entertaining too. I watch in amazement the personalities and attitudes of God's creatures! Just one more daily delight.

I'm encouraged and hopeful that the numbers against Obama are rising. I do not share his worldview and hope that such a worldview will never prevail in America.

It was interesting to watch comments on Facebook during the debate last night. One comment got me to thinking... Someone suggested that all this political stuff just seemed silly compared to something they valued highly.

I couldn't help but ask myself, why would someone say that? When so many people are deeply concerned about the direction our nation is headed, and so many people are sacrificing to try to make a difference, and what happens in our nation's political realm can so adversely affect all of us... it really gave me pause for thought.

I assume it was just a thoughtless statement reflecting what that person wanted to talk about, and heaven knows I've made my share of those! But what makes us do that kind of thing?

I ask because it is this sort of examination I have to do.  We all need to examine what thoughtlessly comes natural to us. Even when we have welcomed Him into our hearts, our brains are not perfect, and we are fully capable of saying and doing things that are just not like Him.

I think we are motivated (often without thought) by our basic clamor for self-worth. We are desperately needy and insecure about being significant. We want to know our life counts. We want to feel we are worth something of value. It's crazy, but we try to lift ourselves up to a place of value by pushing others down. We say in essence, "What you are talking about is just silly compared to the amazing things I talk about..." Surely, we are not thinking how the other person is going to be affected by such self-saturated words. In other words, we are saying, "What you care deeply about--politics in this example--is not as valuable as what I care about." And of course, how this plays out in our minds is that if I value something more valuable, I attach myself to it, making myself more valuable.

Oh, the games we play.

The antidote to such behavior, to such thinking, is to recognize our true worth is in how God thinks about us. When we come before Him, when we reconcile with Him, when we trust His Son and embrace the kind of thinking Jesus teaches, we don't need to build up an artificial sense of worth in this way. We can allow each person the dignity of caring about what they care about, and we can appreciate what they care about for their sake. I think the Golden Rule would apply here...

I plan to be even more careful to think before I speak. I want to think about whether I am responding to my own desire for worth (outside of God) and stop before I push someone else down to lift myself. I write many posts to help hold myself accountable! If I claim something to be important in writing to you, I do not want to be hypocritical, so it helps me to share it with you.

Have a wonderful weekend.