Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Days and Duties and Joy

Does this explain my absence?
Despite the drought, our tomato plants went crazy this summer since we were able to water them. I am picking them green most of the time because the plants got so heavy the cages didn't hold them up, and I don't want the tomatoes to rot before I get to them. I just heard the last lid pop! You (who do canning) know the thrill of that sound.
LaRae is happily engrossed in her new classes for the semester. Though she has a different Greek professor, she's quickly realizing that studying the language is a joy to her. She studied Latin over the summer on her own and will do so one more semester to enable her to avoid wasting time in class. She'll join the 4th semester class next spring. She's enjoying Music Theory, Orchestra, Greek Myths, Philosophy, Chamber Music, Voice lessons, and of course, Violin--both studying violin and teaching.
Rachelle is off to a good start with her second year of Latin (only this year is online instead of slaving away by herself); she is reviewing Biology and will take the Clep exam before the end of this semester. She has an online AP Literature course, and is studying Economics and Government via Hillsdale Academy materials. She is working through college applications and essays as well as an essay and application forms for the National Merit Scholarship. She's a semi-finalist so far; finalists will be named in February. Her orchestra rehearsals begin this coming Saturday. The symphony managers have extended YO rehearsals this year. Instead of 2 to 4:30 every Saturday, rehearsals are now 12:30 to 4:30. Many Saturdays her private lesson will be before orchestra rehearsal, so our Saturdays are going to be full and long. I know all will change (and get very quiet around here) after just one more year... so I certainly am not complaining. It's a privilege to be a part of the wonderful SLSYO orchestra. We're gratefully enjoying every minute.
Curt is extremely busy... but we're managing to do things (the three of us) most evenings at least for a short time between supper and bedtime. (Of course, we almost always daily share all three meals together and have a devotional time together right after breakfast each morning. Those are non-negotiables in our family life! :) We cherish these days... It always is a treat to "Facetime" LaRae in her college dorm room and have a family chat.
I am enjoying these more fall-like days... although officially, I guess it's still summer. My flowers are starting to come back to full vibrancy since the high heat is past. That's happy. The aromas of apples, caramels, vanilla, all-spice, and autumn "leaves" fill the house. Pumpkins from the garden line the steps outside our front door. Two momma deer and their sets of twins visit at least twice daily, munching on the grass around our "deer-repellent-sprayed" Hostas and other plants they would love to eat but don't since our spray makes them taste bad. :) Turkeys (by the dozen) nibble at bugs and worms around the yard on a daily basis. Squirrels bustle about burying nuts. I've noticed lately a hummingbird has staked out my front porch flowers as her personal domain and chases off any and all intruders with a voracious determination!
Life is busy, but it's good. I'm been listening to Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (audio book) as I go about canning and other jobs around the house and yard. Such books put me into contemplation... I'm still not finished with it and don't want to say a lot before I see what he does in the end. But, wow, what a writer! He has powerfully demonstrated an unbelievable assemblage of human characteristics and tendencies as he introduces and develops characters who seem to come to life.
I must go for today, but I pray, my dear reader, that you are finding these days filled with joy as you sense God's sweet presence and approval while you go about your days and duties.