Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Quick Trip to See LaRae

I made a quick trip to see LaRae this week. She needed some of her warmer clothes since it has turned cool quicker than she expected. What a great excuse to get to go spend a couple of days with her!
She moved to a different dorm this year, and I enjoyed the Old World feeling of the new place. In the picture below, you can look in through the window and see the solarium. We were so busy, I didn't get to go see it, but it seems like a neat room. Rae said she and some of her girlfriends study there some.
Since she has her own room this year, I bought a comfy cot to sleep on when I visit. It's nice the college allows parents to stay in their child's dorm room. (Rae dearly loves her roommate from last year, and if they were not able to get single rooms, they wanted to be roommates again. However, they were both happy to get a room of their own. They are near each other, so that they can do things together as much as they want. I was happy to get to eat with both of them one meal.) 
LaRae and I went out for pizza once.
While there, I enjoyed going to a few antique malls... found some nice things to add to my growing collection of country, somewhat primitive style decorating items.
This sampler below stood out to me... made me think of my girls who have developed a love for life and learning. They give their all no matter what they are doing, and it thrills my heart to see them giving their heart to things that are truly valuable.
I've fallen in love with warm browns these days...
This sampler (below) made me think of my parents.
You know, it is amazing how people who have learned the joy of loving others--living to serve their fellow human beings--seem to stay young even though their bodies wear out and you know they are weary. In contrast, those who are more self-focused--always finding things for someone else to do for them--seem to grow old, to dry up and wither away long before those who selflessly love.
I think a person's spirit speaks much more loudly than any other aspect of their being.
Thank you, Mother and Daddy, for being "forever young." You inspire me.