Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Vacation #2: 2012

The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument

LaRae at George Washington's Mt. Vernon

Scenes from Mt. Vernon

Three of my favorite people taking a stroll down toward the Potomac.
This is the river view the Washingtons enjoyed from their back porch.

These next two pictures are near Manassas, VA.
The first battle of the Civil War was in this field.
Bull Run is what it's often called--in the North.

Monticello--Thomas Jefferson's home
Mulberry Row, where the slave cabins once stood near Monticello.
Jefferson's gorgeous gardens

The fish pond at Monticello where fish caught in the nearby river were kept until it was time to eat them.
Jefferson was a little rude... ignored me... but I kept my composure.

Curt shared some helpful input with him, but he didn't seem interested.

Our girls thought he would be impressed with their dad's Life Is Good cap.

More tomorrow!