Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Drama I Choose to Be In

I have heard "sin" explained numerous ways.  John Stott, in his Why I Am A Christian, talks about sin as "self" and "salvation" as "freedom from self." He explains that "sin" is "the rebellious assertion of myself against the love and authority of God, and against the welfare of my neighbor." No matter how we describe sin, it seems clear that our will must be submitted to our Creator's if we are to have a right relationship with Him.

Jesus doesn't spend a lot of time defining "sin." He emphasizes our need to trust Him.  (The Greek word He uses, pistis or pisteuo, is often translated to believe or have faith, but the root meaning is trust.) If I understand the scripture, when our will is exerted in trusting Jesus as best we know how, we are pleasing God and are not "sinning." Paul reinforces this truth with, "whatsoever is not of faith is sin."

At our recent church camp, the young people, together with their director, wrote and performed a play about this topic. They came at sin from the definition "to be without a share." God is the writer and director of THE play. We have a choice to play our part or to not be in THE play.

As I continue learning, I often find myself in the following mental scenario:

I am standing before Jesus; His hands are clasping mine. I am looking into His eyes, trusting that He has the ability to safely bring me into the eternal approving presence of God. What would His choice be in the next decision? What would the will of THE playwright be? That's what I will do!

I want to be a part of the "play" God has written, and I intend to follow His example--Jesus! I intend to follow His "directions" as best I understand them, for I certainly do not trust any other playwright.