Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mode Camp 2012

These days are incredibly full! We are getting ready for church camp which starts this Friday evening. The website is Our special speakers are Jon Heath and Mike Avery. Sonja Vernon is our youth worker, and Joana Ryder is the children's worker. Lucas Ryder will lead the congregational singing, and I will be helping out with piano and singing along with several singers. We will have our string ensemble playing some preludes and offertories, along with some other musicians from night to night. We even have a harpist who will join us the second weekend. I'm pretty excited about that.

The Speaking schedule for 2012:
July 27 -Hobe Sound trio service
July 28 -(no Saturday AM service) 7PM Jon Heath
July 29 -10:30 AM Jon Heath; 7 PM Jon Heath
July 30 -10:30 AM Jon Heath: 7 PM Jon Heath
July 31 -10:30 AM Jon Heath; 7 PM Jon Heath
Aug. 1 -10:30 AM Mike Avery; 7 PM Mike Avery
Aug. 2 -10:30 AM Mike Avery: 7 PM Jon Heath
Aug. 3 -10:30 AM Jon Heath; 7 PM Mike Avery
Aug. 4 -10:30 AM Mike Avery; 7 PM Jon Heath
Aug. 5 -10:30 Am Jon Heath; 7 PM Mike Avery
Below are directions to the campground.
From interestate 57 & 70 where they are running past Effingham, Illinois,
Exit onto IL 32 & IL 33 (both state highways are running together as
they cross the interstate) and head west on 32/33
Go about 5 miles, and the highway will split; 32 turns off to the
north, 33 continued west; take 32 north.
Go about 7 miles, and you will see the town of Stewardson on your
left; continue north about a 1/2 mile beyond the town of Stewardson,
to a small (county or township) road with a sign "Mode (6 mi)" to the
left (west). Turn left/west on that road and drive approximately 6.5
miles to the camp. Landmarks to know you are close to the camp: you
will cross a railroad track, and then (1/2 mile or so) the road curves
to the left (SW), then back to the right (W) and in that Westerly
curve there is a road that turns off to the left (S). At that
intersection you are looking at the campground (looking SW). Turn
south on that road, go about 200 feet to the entrance (on your right)
to Shelby County Interdenominational Holiness Association "Mode" Camp.
Mode Camp phone number:

Hope you can join us for one service or many services! Meals are awesome at Mode Camp and free!
We pray much good will be accomplished in the lives of all who attend.