Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Work

Rachelle continues to study Latin and French, and since her writing conference is behind her, she is writing college application essays as she works at a slower pace on her latest adventure novel. But, in between all the studying and writing, I get serenaded by her at the piano! It's delightful.

Her final college entrance exam scores are beginning to come in. She was thrilled to score better than her sister on the ACT she took this month. It was only slightly better, but you should have seen her running around the house! ; ) LaRae was happy for her despite the fun jabbing they have to do back and forth at something like this. A score of 36 is a perfect ACT score. Both girls ended up with 34, though the scores are rounded up, and Rachelle keeps reminding her sister that hers was a solid 34 without rounding while LaRae's was 33.75 and was rounded. :) I'm thankful they can have fun, but both want the other to excel and find their respective place in God's great world. Chelle's SAT was high (2270 out of 2400) though not quite as high as LaRae's (2390). She (Chelle) is still in the running for a National Merit Scholarship at this point. Essays are next if she is selected as a semi-finalist in September by the National Merit Society. Our main goal in taking all the different exams is to make college affordable by getting scholarships.

LaRae picked a gallon of blackberries last night and made jelly today in between her study and violin practice.

These days are full, busy, and happy. I finally got caught up on laundry this afternoon after being gone all last week. We're having to do a lot of watering in the gardens (flower and vegetable) due to our desperate need of rain, but produce is beginning to come in. So, the work goes on!

Happy Wednesday!

May the favor of Adonai our God be on us, prosper for us all the work that we do- yes, prosper the work that we do.
(Psa 90:17)