Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Family News

We recently had to replace our oven after 18 years of use. LaRae and I are trying to get use to having an oven that actually browns things! It bakes MUCH faster!

Yesterday, I panicked (almost silently) when I came in from working in our flower beds and found this lovely sight in the kitchen! I have learned to hold in (most of) the panic and just either go back outside a little longer or plow in to help clean up. ; ) After all, I remind myself, LaRae is home!!! It's so wonderful to have her back home this summer from college. I will not complain when she starts three projects at once: cinnamon-raisin bread, Greek yogurt, and three pies, and then gets called away to work at her daddy's office right in the middle of it all! Rachelle and I were both busy with several projects going and so we didn't watch her bread carefully enough and it got too done. : (
Oh well, it's edible at least. And she won't agree to go to the office next time till her projects are done at home... OK, I only complained about leaving in the middle of the projects, not the multitude of them or the mess made! ; )


My girls are busy all the time. It's a joy to be on the receiving end of their numerous productions.
Notice the headphones in the photo below... LaRae was listening to some audio book as she worked in the kitchen. For those who want to continually be made new--the way Jesus can make us new--we never tire of good input, do we?

Oh, by the way...we haven't tasted the yogurt yet, but I'll keep you posted if I like the recipe!

I trust you are enjoying these beautiful days. May health, peace, joy, and hope fill your heart and may you ever be enjoying good things from above and sharing them with others!