Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Family News

I've enjoyed my time with the girls this week... feel somewhat like a taxi driver for the younger two, but since I love to drive, it's been pleasant "work." 

I started imagining the feel of being behind the wheel of a car at a very young age. My neighbor girl had a go-cart that I rode a few times in grade school. It was not self-powered, and she wasn't all that keen on pushing me around, even though I was happily willing to do equal pushing time! : ) But, oh the thrill when I went sailing down their concrete driveway! She'd get a good run going and then give me a big shove and down I'd fly, sharp turn to the right at the last minute onto the sidewalk just barely missing going into the street--busy North Broadway! I could hardly contain my excitement at turning sixteen; and as soon as I did, I was driving whatever vehicle my parents had. I rarely tire of driving.

The girls are thrilled with how much has been packed into these daily writing conference sessions. While their focus is not on becoming published authors--they both want to become better writers with the goal of being useful in whatever ways God might desire--they have had some valuable input on not only how to improve their writing, but also the ins and outs of being published authors. They each had individual sessions with an agent or a published author and were thrilled to get some feedback on various ideas they have for stories.

Today was dress-up day for the two creative-writing buddies. 

LaRae and I have enjoyed our time together as well.
She studies here in the hotel room and beautiful violin music plays in the background. 
We miss Curt A LOT, but one more day and we will be back home.

That sounds real good right now to me. :)

For those of you who want to keep up with the "Is It Worth It" discussion, 
today I posted another long response as a comment on Jesus: the Alternative to Legalism. My hope is that as I continue posting responses, my perspective will be better understood, and if anyone sees something they believe I'm in error about, I pray you/they will express the concern.