Friday, May 11, 2012

The World From My Window

When I was a child, my mother sang songs throughout the day.
An industrious homemaker, she went about her work with a far-away look of contentment in her eyes...
and she sang. quietly.

She was a happy mother, a mother who was absolutely secure in her relationship of trust with Jesus Christ.
Nothing meant more to her than pleasing Him.
He was her maker, her provider, her protector, her Father, and her Savior.
She was completely surrendered to His will.
Seeking His will was like breathing to her.

My father was equally devoted.
After he made his decision to follow the will of God,
No other option existed.
His entire being was set on accomplishing the Divine's purpose for life.

The relationship my parents had with God shaped me and my brother.
Yes, there were other important influences at various critical times in our lives;
but it was our parents' REAL faith that first and foremost brought the fragrant breeze of eternity.
As we inhaled the wafting aroma,
That taste of eternity whet an appetite we feast on to this day.

Absolute submission to God is no longer a piece of our cultural quilt.
If parents get to such a depth of relationship with God in this culture,
It will be because they are at the end of doing their own will. 
It will be because they have seen true Christianity is much more than the empty-easy-grace-just-accept-it message so much of the church world presents.
And it will be because they hunger and thirst after the true God of eternity and
find Him in His word as He truly is!

Then, once again, children will begin to hear their mothers sing.
They will begin to catch that far-away look of contentment in the eyes of their parents
as those parents diligently pursue the will of God.
Most likely, those children will catch a taste of eternity, which will create in them a hunger for God, until they see Him as He is and fully surrender to His will.

~reposted from 2007

Happy Mother's Day, Momma! You never cease to inspire me!