Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Family News

The cherry jelly is made, and is it ever delicious!
Thanks, Carma, for the cherries! Your sample jar is waiting on the counter.

I mentioned that Rachelle is studying for exams... she is also doing a few other things to better prepare her for her goals this fall. She will be taking an online second year Latin course next year, so she is touching up her Latin skills in order to be fully prepared.

I get tickled at the girls...

They post charts to aid in memorizing...

Rachelle recently placed first place in an online "writer's contest." A published author has a blog for young writers. She posts promts which students can use to write short excerpts that are then judged and awarded. The prompt this time was "I would want to be told..." The assigment was to use this prompt in dialogue in a 100 word paragraph (or less) which would set up an idea for a book. If you're interested, here is what Rachelle wrote. Oh, by the way, her pen name is Laurie J. Curtis. ; )

Happy Friday!