Monday, April 23, 2012

The Wedding Ring: Is It Worth It? #2

The comments I have received from my last post have brought me a couple of heart-wrenching sleepless nights and heart-and-head-aching restless days. The perspectives that were shared made me realize even more the severity, the depth and gravity of the problems which are lurking in the shadows of the CHM. I hear pain and confusion and sense repressed frustration.  

There are obviously real problems in the way some have justified various points of a disciplined life.  In too many cases, the CHM has miserably failed in the task of accurately, rationally verbalizing a basis for a form of living that can be instrumental in promoting a holy, examined, fruitful life.   

If you have been a victim of these failures, I am truly sorry. I am deeply grieved by the prevalence of such occurrences. 

Do we have serious problems? Yes.

Can I fix them? No!

Can we fix them? Maybe, but not if our solution is to splinter into individualistic renditions of “my truth” and “my Jesus” and “my reality with God;” not if we abandon the people--who have given us the words of life, have nurtured and raised us--in exchange for… what?; not if we insist on only trivial relationships with one another in order to retain our personal freedom to do what we want; not if we are willing to construe our personal fascination with the traditions of men as issues of truth.  

True Christianity is not an atomizing force, it is a uniting force.

I truly believe that many who have walked away from the CHM have no idea what they have left behind. There are problems, but there are people of character there who care and would do anything in their power to promote and nurture the good.