Friday, April 6, 2012

I Must Remember My Hunger

These have been full and busy days at our house.
I've done a lot of spring cleaning and found myself so caught up in the cares of life,
I haven't had much to blog about.

I was pondering this week why I feel so dry.
One day it hit me that I am not having enough valuable input.
Do I have a daily devotional time? Do I read the Bible?
Do I take in something good--eternally speaking--every day?
Yes, but most of the day I go around the house working like a mad woman,
listening on my head phones to Rush, Sean, Laura, or whoever
happens to be on talk radio.

I had reasoned that an important election is coming up this fall,
and I need to know what's going on.
After several weeks of this, I feel empty, dry, and a little depressed.

You know, sometimes you have the thought that you aren't doing anything "wrong;"
in fact, you are doing something that is very important. Your brain can take a while to register,
"I'm starting to get so caught up in the cares of life--in the here and now--and I'm doing it at the expense of abiding in Christ, at the expense of maintaining my peace."

So, a couple of days ago I shut off the radio and started listening to good music and audio books on my iPhone. I was stunned, amazed at the difference in my frame of mind!
Does all this mean it's wrong to listen to talk radio? Of course not.
I just have to balance my time better.
My hungry soul needs lots of forever food!

Blessings on this wonderful Easter weekend!