Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life, Love and Hope

Last week Curt and I watched a documentary about Adolf Hitler exterminating people he considered not worthy of life. Some of the first people he killed were disabled people. As I contemplated this horrific crime, I found myself thinking about how little value life held for some of those folks. Many were mentally handicapped and were housed in huge facilities away from family, just kept alive until death finally came; no purpose, no future, no hope.

The fact that such a thought even came to my mind troubled me and made me keenly aware of how we humans are capable of horrible things. Without an outside source of truth to inform and guide us, we can rationalize and do any horrible thing we want to do. The humanity that exterminated millions of people throughout centuries is the humanity you and I inhabit.

The pictures of deformed and deranged people on the Hitler documentary made me cringe. I haven't spend a lot of time around such dear souls. But I kept watching and even found myself praying, "Abba, help me appreciate even the little bit of life precious souls like this have. Help me not turn away in discomfort. Help me know how to reach out to people like this."

Last night Curt had me look up the video below.  A friend had told him about it. I watched it and cried... for a lot of reasons. It thrilled me to see the dedication and love of this father. I'm thankful to see how his example has inspired others.

One perplexing thought came to mind after watching; I hope this father is aware that physical life is not all there is. I pray he has hope for eternity with God and that he has shared this with his precious son. Because, in reality, while loving each other certainly brings a richer life, if this is all we have, it's unthinkably painful.

I pray you share the hope Jesus brings!