Thursday, March 8, 2012

How To Keep A Clean House

~Better Homes and


1. Make beds
2. Do a load of laundry-if you have enough for a load
3. Wash dishes, kitchen counters and stove-top after each use
4. Take out trash-as needed
5. Pick up and put away any clothes or items lying around.
6. Keep a cotton or microfiber rag and some lavender--Method brand all-purpose spray under your bathroom sink, and every time you see some dust or hair on your sink, spray (and inhale! It smells so good!) and wipe the sink down.
7. Keep another rag under your sink (but wash it often!) to wipe down the outer surface of your toilet if you see dust.
8. Have a hand-held shower head so that you can spray the shower walls and door down daily with hot water right after you shower.
9. Daily look through the mail as soon as it comes in the house. File bills in a bill folder, throw away junk, and keep a basket on the kitchen counter which holds mail that needs to be looked at by somebody before filing or pitching.

Once a Week:

1. Dry-dust (I use a real feather duster or a microfiber cloth) flat surfaces: tops of tables, dressers, shelves and ledges, pictures and frames, desks, etc.
2. Vacuum, shake out area rugs, dust mop hard-surface floors.
3. Spray shower down with Comet spray cleaner and let it soak while you scrub sinks and toilets in bathrooms, then finish cleaning showers.
4. Change/wash linens and remake beds.
5. Spray and clean kitchen appliances exteriors (oven, frig., microwave, toaster, etc.)

Once a Month:

1. Wet mop hard surface floors--after dust mopping, of course.
2. Dust behind and beneath furniture (where possible & practical--obviously, I don't clean under the frig. every month or the washer & dryer, etc.) and use a spray like Pledge or Murphy's Oil soap spray on all wood, Method's Lavender multipurpose spray or Mrs. Meyer's all-purpose Basil cleaner on non-wood surfaces, Windex on mirrors and glass. This is when I wipe down all sides of furniture, not just tops.

Twice a Year:

1. Clean out closets and organize and clean all other storage areas.
2.  Wash windows (sometimes I get to this more often, sometimes not. On any given day, if I see a particular spot on a window, I'll just quickly grab a cloth and Windex and take care of it--especially if it's on the inside or easy to get at on the outside)
3. Clean out and organize drawers, pantry, etc.
4. Clean all wood trim, casings, cabinets, doors, etc., with warm water and Murphy's Oil soap. (I use a microfiber rag for this and ring it out well.)

I found these suggestions (below) online at Better Homes and Gardens website.

Cheap and On-Hand Cleaners:

■Bleach + Water (mix 1 part bleach to 4 parts water for the ultimate all-purpose cleaner)
■Baking Soda + Water (mix into a paste and use to clean porcelain and metal bath fixtures, or use baking soda alone to absorb odors)
■Vinegar + Water (use on scratchable surfaces, such as wood or vinyl floors)
■Cotton Rags (cut up old T-shirts and use to dust delicate surfaces, such as wood)

Worth the Splurge:

■Electrostatic cloths. Lightly run over any surface -- including hard-to-reach spots such as ceiling-fan blades and under beds -- and watch the dust "jump" onto the cloth.
■Toilet wands with pretreated disposable sponges. Say goodbye to the toilet brush, the most unsanitary cleaning utensil of all time.
■Soft cleaning pads, such as Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. These pads effortlessly blot away wall scuffs and fabric stains.
■Disposable wet mops. Use them to touch up floors in between more extensive mopping jobs. Double Duty
■Every time you take out the trash, open the refrigerator and toss out any expired or empty items. ■After you make a grocery list, wipe down the refrigerator shelves and make room for the items you'll be buying.
■Each time you change a light bulb, wipe off or dust the fixture.
■Each time you take a shower, spray down the shower door and/or inside wall.
■For everything new you bring into your home -- trash, recycle, or store something old.
■Every time you move something into storage -- trash or recycle something out of storage.
■When you put up seasonal decorations, clean hard-to-reach display areas, like the tops of doorways or bookshelves.

I hope this helps anyone looking for ideas to keep your home sparkling clean!
I am always much happier when mine is.

~Better Homes and