Monday, February 27, 2012

Loving and Being Loved God's Way

This is my best friend, Curt.
He loves me, but He loves God first.
That makes for an amazing friendship, and
I am blessed beyond words to be his wife.

As Curt and I continue to allow God to rip away layers
of selfishness, we are enabled to love each other more deeply,
and our marriage just keeps getting more delightful.

I hope you, my readers, have found people to love.
I hope you have found people who love you.
I'm talking about love--God's way--
love that is preoccupied with our ultimate good.

Modern psychology tells us love is all about unconditional acceptance.
I submit, that's not God's kind of love.

We don't need unconditional acceptance.

In fact, unconditional acceptance will help push us right on down the path of self-destruction.

We need to be told, "You are not acceptable in your natural state. You are going to make choices, in your natural state, that will hurt you (and others) and ultimately destroy you.
Only as you embrace that fact that you are not acceptable,
and submit your will completely to your Maker,
will you become truly acceptable."

If we, as Christians, affirm those who are making choices that we sincerely believe will hurt them, we share responsibly for their ultimate demise.

I know there has been abuse in this area.
Ironically, our responsibility to love--to be preoccupied with the ultimate good of others--can be a vehicle to promote self, in a controlling, non-loving distortion.
Of course, anything that is rooted in selfishness is not concern for another's ultimate good.
But we cannot come to truth by reacting to abuses.
We must look at the example God gave in His Word--


As we study Jesus, we do not see Him making everyone feel unconditionally accepted. To the contrary, His words cut to the heart of every soul.

He didn't even try to change some folks. He saw their hearts were hard.
Others came to Him, and after He pointed to what would be required of them, He sadly had to watch them walk away, unacceptable candidates for eternal life. Those He welcomed into His kingdom, humbled themselves, saw their unacceptable condition, and trusted Him to truly love them and transform them.

Father, help us know how to love Your way.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share a glimpse of the quirky sense of humor my husband has.
People who know me well realize Curt is a pretty wonderful balance for me. I tend to be pretty serious, and he keeps me smiling. He adds a refreshing dimension to my life.
Notice Pooh and Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger on his tie.
I don't do well picking ties for Curt ... found that out long ago. He chose this one.
He is a lawyer. My image of a lawyer was a dignified, somewhat serious gentleman--in the British sense of the word. And of course, he is very much a dignified gentleman when needed.
But he has this "other side" that I enjoy.
Most of all, he's real. He's God's man, and I dearly love him.

I sincerely pray you find people like my Curt to love and be loved by!
Jesus can make any of us into such a person if we allow it.

Thank YOU, Abba!