Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, LaRae!

Eighteen years ago today this little bundle arrived--much to our delight!

Her arrival changed me more than any other event in my life.
The realization that this was a never-dying human soul sobered me
 and caused me to see life in many new ways.

It wasn't long (two years to be exact) before she became "the big sister,"
and what a precious one she is. While it took some time for her to learn how to be
a "precious" one, once she understood, she embraced the responsibility, and to this day
she delights Curt and me beyond words.

This is LaRae with her little sis and her Aunt Carma just a few years later.
She and Carma share the same birthday month.

May your day be lovely, LaRae, and may your 19th year be the best so far!
Love you,