Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeding the Mind, the Heart

I'm enjoying pictures of my girls' early days. There is a beauty about young innocent children. They capture the heart, don't they! I'm so thankful God helped me (through books--of course the Bible being the foundation--and videos and advice from other parents) to put every ounce of energy I had into my girls when they were little. It continues to pay off. 

I would encourage young parents to go at this all-important job with all your might. If you don't understand something, ask someone! If your toddler, child, or teen is throwing fits, self-focused to the point of causing the atmosphere of your home to not be peaceful, you can do something about that. You are either training your children to be self-willed and disobedient, or you are training them to obey and not give in to their drive to have their own way. 

I have been on a non-stop house cleaning rampage over the past few weeks. It's like an early spring-cleaning urge or something. That, along with myriad other obligations, has kept me away from my computer more than usual.

I have considered numerous blogging topics as I've work around the house and traveled in the van, but all seemed so huge and beyond my ability to adequately address. 

I've listened to lectures on my iPod from The Teaching Company as well as talk-radio: Rush, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and our local KMOX's Mark Reardon, and my mind has struggled to sort through the mess of our nation. 

Yesterday afternoon, when coming home from violin in St. Louis, Rachelle and I listened to the Mark Reardon show. At one point, he and a co-worker, Carol Daniel, were lamenting the problems they and most everyone--according to them--are having with raising children. The consensus was: children are spoiled and maybe the best parents teach them to say please and thankful, but overall, they are self-focused, ungrateful, and rebellious. I found myself saddened by this. It's such an obvious product of a world where people (even though they may label themselves "Christian") don't have a clue about the Biblical definition of human kind and the innate nature that has to be dealt with as Jesus demonstrated. They are blindly trying to glue good behavior to their children with deplorable results.

Last night we watched a 1950's sitcom, Father Knows Best. As I watched it, I was aghast at how this so-called innocent and wholesome show was filled with perspectives that have lead to the degradation we now see. No wonder, I thought! No doubt, there were Godly people in the 50's who--if they watched anything at all, and they probably didn't waste their time--saw the issues and cried out, "This is not going to produce a healthy nation!" Needless to say, we won't bother watching Father Knows Best again. It was a perfect example of people who kind of know what is right and wrong but don't have a clue as to the real heart issue of man, and so nothing is treated seriously in the light of eternity.

As I've noted before, we are constantly in a process of filling our mind with something. What we fill it with is either pushing us toward God or pulling us away. We can be fooled into thinking something is just funny and not immoral, therefore, harmless. But the subtle (temporal vs. eternal) perspective of the world around us--seen in the works of most scriptwriters, composers, and authors--can easily lull us into numbness, slowly bringing us to accept the worldview that is completely in opposition to the perspective of Christ. I do not want anything in my life that pulls me from HIM.

In contrast, Curt, Rachelle, and I are listening to G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy every morning. Now, that is some food for thought that makes me cherish my Savior! 

May your day be filled with only what keeps you close to HIM, and if you are a parent, don't be lazy, don't be proud--thinking you can handle it on your own; you'll never regret seeking advice, being diligent, following in the footsteps of Jesus as you surrender your will to God and then train your children in like manner.

Blessings, my dear readers,