Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As goes a leader ... so go the people

This video introduces you to Dr. Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College. It is the first in a series on YouTube, both informative and educational.

There really must be something to the old saying where the leadership goes so go the people. While there are certainly those in any group that deviate from the overall character of the majority, as I observe different college campuses where I know the President--at least to some extent--I see a connection.

Dr. Arnn comes across as a humble yet intelligent man with a winsome sense of humor. While he is driven to understand and make sense of the world, he does it with a smile, seeming to remember his place in the search. He is not pompous or stuffy, but the students and faculty appear to hold him in highest esteem. He has no need to demand respect; what he really is--from all appearances--naturally draws it out of you.

What I find on the Hillsdale campus is a reflection of his attitude. Friendliness is the number one attribute. While the work load for students is heavy and demanding, and while the requirements set the students up to apply for the highest graduate scholarships available in our present world, they are friendly and helpful, and carry a sense of delight in their pursuit of understanding the world.

You just might enjoy watching Dr. Arrn as he shares some of his perspective on the founding of our nation and the philosophy behind our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.