Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Walk

My sweet husband, who, by the way, caught up yesterday with the age of--as he puts it--"the older woman he married," sent me this happy quote today. 

"The homemaker has the ultimate career.
All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career."
 ~ C. S. Lewis

He loves that I love making a home for him and our children, and he supports me in every aspect of that endeavor.

My dear friends who might be struggling today with the mundane of housekeeping and making a home, take heart! Realize that we really do pursue what we love. Do we love our husbands? Do we love our children? Do we love bringing delight to their lives? Do we want to have the spirit of Jesus dwelling in us and living through us?

I'm reminding myself today to examine the choices I make. I know if I spend more time doing things that are for my own entertainment, avoiding things that need to be accomplished here around the house, I will be choosing to love myself above my family; I will be walking after my "flesh" rather than the spirit of Christ.

Realizing I will do what I value can help me take the steps to make the right decisions and truly choose to love others above myself.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!