Friday, January 27, 2012

All State IMEA 2012

Rachelle is a different child compared to our older daughter, LaRae. LaRae always liked for me to be involved in her music events. She liked for me to go with her to lessons and take notes. She enjoyed knowing I was listening to Youth Orchestra rehearsals, experiencing the joy of the music with her. She always liked to share IMEA experience with me as well. So, I would sit in the back and soak up the music, soak up the teaching style of the various conductors, and end up with lots of shared experiences at the end of the day.

But, back to Chelle ... she never told me she'd just as soon go alone, but she is clearly happy to have some independent experiences like this. So, I am enjoying time with my Curt! 
And Chelle is enjoying sharing with us at the end of the day what she has experienced.
It's all good. : )

We are in a nice hotel, so we can share a leisurely breakfast in the beautiful atrium, and then we can work on our computers, read our books, listen to audiobooks, just enjoy some slower-paced-work-side-by-side days. I'm enjoying it so much.