Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Greek Scholar, At It Again

I knew she had done well on another big Greek exam,
so when she called I asked for a picture...

She said, "Mom, this is getting a little embarrassing."

I get tickled at her but cannot help but be thrilled she is diligent
yet does not have a haughty spirit. She isn't striving for excellence just to be better than everyone else. She truly wants to be a "sharpened tool" for God's purposes.

She now has two ivy wreaths from her Greek Professor.
(For the highest grades on the first two big exams this semester.)

And, she has two trophies for the best Greek essays.
The hilarious thing is that the trophies--if you saw my earlier post--are from yard sales!
This second one is a soccer trophy.

What a funny professor.
I think if I had to home school over again, I'd visit some yard sales...