Monday, December 12, 2011

More Than A Moment

For just a moment the world sees the truth
They bask in the love and the peace that's from You
For just a moment they quiet their hearts
And know deep within where life truly starts

For only a moment the world hears the Word
They stare in wonder at what they have heard
For only a moment they ponder their path
And painfully recognize all that they lack

More often than not they run from the truth
They choose to avoid the love that's from You
More often than not they turn on the noise
That drowns out the sound of your calling, your voice

May someone this Christmas respond to your love
May someone embrace the peace from above
For more than a moment may some quiet their hearts
And ponder, and humbly trust who You are!

©copyright 2011 Laura Bailey Ferguson

I wish you Jesus,