Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Gentle Christmas...

Takin' my time... 

Ever-so-slowly, I am getting some
decorating done for the Christmas season.

 I determined to keep this season as calm and
peaceful as possible this year.

I want to savor these days of December and then
have no regrets come December 26th from
over spending or stressing out.

I've been enjoying Ruth Graham Bell's Christmas book entitled,
A Quiet Knowing Christmas. 

I've tried to keep the decor simple and meaningful.

Last year LaRae and Rachelle did it all for me;
but that won't work this year.
LaRae won't be home till the 16th,
and Rachelle is having to spend too much time studying.
She just got her PSAT score and is in the running for a National Merit Scholarship.
We're so proud of her.
She felt a lot of pressure--no matter how much we assured her
she didn't have to match her sister's score--and she prepared diligently.
This Saturday she will take the ACT.

 I was asked to write a guest article for a women's inspirational magazine this month.
As I pondered what I might share, it dawned on me how, in nearly every area of my life,
I seek to live purposefully. But for years, when the Christmas season rolled around,
I, more often than not, got caught up in the frantic pace and ended up weary and numb when it was all over. Upon this recognition, I purposed to slow down and make this year different.

It's amazing what happens when we set our mind to make it happen.

Thank You, Abba, for Your ever-present help!