Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughts from the Attic

I am not spending much time at the computer presently. I started, early last week, cleaning and organizing our huge attic. We moved into our new home when LaRae was six months old.  She will be eighteen this coming February. So, you can imagine what kind of build-up a family of four has over seventeen and a half years!

I have taken two van loads to one of our local consignment stores, and this morning I took a huge van load to the Goodwill. What a joy to get rid of stuff we no longer need!

One of my favorite rooms in our house these days is the dining room.
It is cozy and comfortable and makes my eyes so happy.
Thought you'd enjoy these pictures better than pictures of all my boxes, shelves,
bags, and stacks in the attic!
If you've seen similar shots before on my blog of these spots in our home, you'll notice I'm always tweaking a little here and there.

I pray you are enjoying health and all the beauty of fall. But even more than that, my prayer is that you are choosing to allow the spirit of Christ Jesus to flow through you more and more with every passing moment. I've found that if I am not abiding in Him and with Him, nothing else works right; I cannot fully enjoy anything else.

I wish you Jesus.