Monday, November 21, 2011

Rachelle's SLSYO Concert

Yesterday was Rachelle's first youth orchestra concert this season. We thoroughly enjoyed it!
They played difficult music and played it very well.


Both Grandma Ferguson and Grandpa and Grandma Bailey were able to attend, along with Uncle Keith and Uncle Dan, Aunt Carma, and "Aunt" Dorinda.


Curt took this one of our little group...


And Dan took this one, so Curt could be in it.


I'll bring my big camera next time. There is just no comparison in quality.
Big Sis, LaRae, won't mind though. I'm sure she is just happy to see any pics since she couldn't be there with us.

We don't want to ever take this amazing opportunity for granted!
Our girls have had an incredible blessing being part of such a wonderful orchestra.