Monday, October 24, 2011

Parent's Weekend Fall 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend with LaRae.
Rachelle cherished the moments with her big sister.

It was our first parent's weekend, and what a privilege it was to meet and talk with her professors along with enjoying time with our sweet girl.

The college orchestra gave their first concert Saturday evening.
LaRae is the principal 2nd violinist; so (for those of you who don't know) that means she leads the 2nd violin section. Her experience in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra is serving her well.
I look forward to hearing her perform later on in the semester with her assigned chamber group, a trio: violin, cello, and piano.

We enjoyed taking her and her roommate along with another friend out for ice cream when we arrived Friday evening.  (Unfortunately, I was so busy talking and enjoying the time together, I didn't take any pictures!) Then, on Saturday after we had our meetings with professors, we had fun checking out several of the large antique stores in the area, along with getting a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. I think it was good for both LaRae and her roommate to get away from the campus for a bit. They seemed to enjoy the break.

It wasn't nearly as hard to leave our sweetheart since she is safely settled in, doing so well, and we were making the long drive.

I pray your week is off to a splendid start!