Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Greek Scholar

LaRae sent me this picture this morning.

She has a delightful Greek professor at college.
They have quizzes every day, and he is continually giving gifts like bubble wrap, fortune cookies, or various other items he picks up at yard sales. Once in a while, he brings his homemade goodies (fancy brittles, jellies, etc.) as prizes.

This is Rae's first experience with Greek, but she is loving it and doing well.
The prof. grows ivy in his yard. He told the students that he would make an ivy wreath for the person with the highest grade on the big mid-term exam. You can see who got it. :)
She is one of two freshmen in the class; the majority of the students are upper classmen... we're pretty proud of her, as I'm sure you guessed.

We're also excited as we are headed up to see her this weekend!
It's parent's weekend, and we get to meet her four main professors as well as hear the first orchestra concert for the semester.

May your weekend be filled with many joys.