Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Days

I delight in these cool nights and warm October days!
 Saturday found me working in my flower beds from dawn till dusk.

Do your flowers seem to start coming alive again in late September-early October,
once the extra-hot days are passed? On those scorching August days, I look at mine (as I come and go from the house), and they just seem to droop with exhaustion. 
Once it's cooler, everything seems to perk up, and I am ready to get to work on preparing for the next season.

We had some issues with a few of our hollies this spring, so we cut them way back.
Most of them are finally starting to fill out. It was actually a good thing to clear out the overgrowth; I had forgotten some of the things that were hidden behind and beneath!
Now, I'm enjoying more variety.

On another note... I am enjoying hearing Rachelle play piano these days! It seems that since her big sister left for college, piano is a welcome break from school work and violin practice. I gave her lessons for several years when she was younger, but once she had a basic foundation, she focused on violin. So, when, all of a sudden, I started hearing harder and harder piano music sounding better and better, I was amazed at how even her violin studies have enabled her to pick back up with piano and advance quickly. I'm deeply grateful for blessings like this.
(Oh, and in case you happen to see Curt sitting there on the side; that's another blessing!
Some days he gets to do some work at home! I love it when that happens. : )

May you enjoy these October days as you take note of your blessings!