Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

My one and only sibling, Keith, turned fifty today.
Half a century! How can it be? We have so many treasured memories.
I could not begin to tell you all the ways he has inspired me.
Nobody ever had a better brother, I'm certain.

Rachel, his wife, had to be out of town today, but she planned his party and had a friend make this amazing cake. Keith is a woodworker (along with being an electrical engineer and a host of other things). But being raised by a timber jack put woodworking in this blood. He has a rocking chair factory and a sawmill. This "log" cake is truly a work of art.

We hoped we surprised him, but I don't think we did. 

Dear, dear friends joined the celebration.
Thanks, everyone!

Our precious parents.

Happy Birthday, Keith.
I cherish you.