Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

My one and only sibling, Keith, turned fifty today.
Half a century! How can it be? We have so many treasured memories.
I could not begin to tell you all the ways he has inspired me.
Nobody ever had a better brother, I'm certain.

Rachel, his wife, had to be out of town today, but she planned his party and had a friend make this amazing cake. Keith is a woodworker (along with being an electrical engineer and a host of other things). But being raised by a timber jack put woodworking in this blood. He has a rocking chair factory and a sawmill. This "log" cake is truly a work of art.

We hoped we surprised him, but I don't think we did. 

Dear, dear friends joined the celebration.
Thanks, everyone!

Our precious parents.

Happy Birthday, Keith.
I cherish you.


  1. Happy Birthday to your brother. Loved the cake...very cute! Enjoyed reading what you had to say about your brother. Isn't it wonderful having a brother? I have 2 and wouldn't trade either one of them for the world! =)


  2. Laura,

    I really should check your blog more often. Thank you for your kind tribute... it hardly seems possible that you could be talking about me...I take back most all the bad things I ever said about you :)