Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy Days and Beautiful Colors

I just had to show you this beautiful aster from my garden!
It's got to be the happiest combination of colors I ever saw.
I wish I understood better how botanists create these mixes;
I'm sure I'll eventually be unable to resist googling it.

Several family members said they loved hearing about Rachelle.
So, let me fill you in a little further. : )
She is preparing for three AP exams next May.
She is taking two online AP prep courses and will study on her own for the third exam.
Next week she takes the PSAT. So, we are going through note cards by the dozens.
Here she is studying vocabulary.

I thrill to see the way my girls have embraced the joy of learning! I'm so thankful.

It is a good year for Rachelle to be extra busy; were she not, I'm certain she would miss LaRae more.

Along with keeping up her violin for lessons, SLSYO, and IMEA auditions--which are coming up next Monday-- she will take the PSAT next week, then the ACT in December, the SAT next January, and three AP tests: English, U.S. History, and Chemistry in May of 2012.

What a year for her!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!