Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bent But Not Broken

In the woods in front of our home are two bent trees.
This first one is not bent quite as sharply as the one below.

This one is a perfect tree for our swing, but the bend is extreme. I observe it in amazement. How did it escape breaking when it was young and tender? Surely, the sustenance it drew from within is the only reason it survived...

I know several dear ones who suffered emotional and physical bending--nearly to the breaking point--when they were young and innocent. I see them today, strong, reaching out to those around them, filled with inner sustenance that spills over to bless those they meet.

I thank Abba they not only survived extreme bending in their childhood, but were able--with His help--to become adults who are tall, strong, stately souls used continually for His purposes.

I'm so thankful they chose to allow Him to heal them.
He can do that; did you know?
I pray so.