Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the Gifts Go On

Fall colors surround, and their earth-colored warmth
wraps the heart like the arms of God.


one of His gifts.

Thank You, Father.

I made some more fresh granola yesterday, and so this morning I found a quick granola muffin recipe. Delicious!

For those of you wondering, LaRae is thoroughly enjoying college. She found out yesterday that this semester in chamber music, she will be a member of a piano trio (piano, violin, and cello).
She is thrilled to have the opportunity to develop her violin skills within this new genre.

As for me missing her; between rollover minutes on our cell phones, free chatting online, Facetime--where we actually see each other as we chat--well, we haven't missed a day talking.  She calls every day--at least once--to update me on how classes, lessons, orchestra, and dorm-life are going. I will see her this weekend for the first time in a month. Need I tell you I am excited?

May You sense the blessings, recognize the gifts, and feel the loving arms of our Creator Father today. We are so indebted.