Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Office Makeover and Busy College-Prep Days

Curt and I recently updated our home office. We still haven't finished--no trim yet, and there are still some bare spots on walls I have plans for. But we are thoroughly enjoying having new desks that comfortably fit in the room, back to back, so that we can face each other as we work here together .

Ah, now ain't that sweet?! I said that for some of my goofy friends... wanted to beat them to it! : )

It just seems like these days are flying by! Ideas for posts flood my mind, but I can't take the time to sit down long enough to write anything of substance right now.

Along with completing her senior year of high school--AP Biology, along with several other demanding classes--LaRae is busy with college-prep work: applications, scholarship auditions, and various related responsibilities.

When the first college acceptance letter and scholarship offer came, the reality of what is coming hit us all in a more vivid way. We spend valuable time sitting on the couch, talking about the forces that will come, the potential dangers, as well as the joys.

It's good to know that we can trust Abba ultimately, even in the "letting go" of our precious children. When we have done everything we know to do and are at peace with Him, there is a rest in trusting them to His everlasting arms of love.