Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Waiting is Over

We have happy news at our house today! The waiting is finally over! LaRae made the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra; first Violin, chair nine out of eighteen. We're very proud of her.

"We give all our talents to YOU..."

All I can think about is when she was three years old, and we were working on Twinkle variation two..."Practice, more practice, more practice, more practice...." She could handle about five minutes three times a day. So, we would practice for five minutes. Then she'd run around like an airplane or go limp like Raggedy Anne; she was Raggedy, I was Andy. Then, back we'd go pretty soon to the next five minutes. Day after day, after day after day, after year after year...
After several years, she began taking the work on all by herself. She applied the disciplines we had developed, and I no longer had to schedule practice times.

~ Thank You, God, for Your help and Your wisdom. We are only what we are as we seek to do Your will and let You make us what You want. ~


  1. Fantastic! It must be so rewarding to see your hard work pay off like that. And kudos to LaRae for working so hard... and embracing the hard work to come! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats, LaRae! I know you are excited.

  3. great and wonderful

  4. What does that mean? Does she get to go to St. Louis for an extended period? Please give those of us who are ignorant about such honors more details. In the meantime, congratulations and praises to God!

  5. Janet,
    This means that most Saturdays, between now and next May, LaRae and I will be driving the hour and a half over to Powell Hall in St. Louis where she will have orchestra reheasals from 2-4:30. I intend to sit quietly and listen. : ) She will have four main concerts throughout the year. The orchestra plays standard professional symphony orchestra music. They get to play at least once with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Some of the rehearsals are sectional rehearsals (just specific instruments alone) with symphony members. The players range from 12-22 years of age.
    Many of those Saturdays we will have Rachelle and Curt with us, and the girls will have their private lessons in the morning.
    This is a wonderful experience for LaRae even if she doesn't decide to major in music. Many of the players who have been in this orchestra in the past are now at Oberlin, Julliard, and other reknown music schools. This experience should help in future auditions for scholarships as well, once again, even for non-music majors. A lot of colleges will award scholarships if a student is just willing to play in their orchestra or chamber group.
    Our goal with our music studies is to achieve the highest level of excellence we can, so that God can use us (however He may so desire) to inspire and encourage believers, and to reach out to others with what we believe to be truth.
    I strongly believe that if a person develops a high level of ability in the classics, he or she can then take the myriad patterns one learns in such training and apply it to ANY style of music they choose. Of course, that does depend on their natural talents as well.
    Hope that helps. Feel free to ask other questions.

  6. Yay for LaRae!!
    I think ya'll should always take time on these busy Sats. to stop at Panerra Bread!:)
    Blessings on LaRae as she begins this enriching, wonderful passage!

  7. Congratulations on achieving this great honor and dedicating talents to God!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This has been a long wait, hasn't it?! I'm so happy for LaRae! All of the hard work is paying off. Look forward to future concerts! God bless!

  9. How wonderful!!! Praise the Lord!! Congrats to her and all of you! :-)