Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Waiting is Over

We have happy news at our house today! The waiting is finally over! LaRae made the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra; first Violin, chair nine out of eighteen. We're very proud of her.

"We give all our talents to YOU..."

All I can think about is when she was three years old, and we were working on Twinkle variation two..."Practice, more practice, more practice, more practice...." She could handle about five minutes three times a day. So, we would practice for five minutes. Then she'd run around like an airplane or go limp like Raggedy Anne; she was Raggedy, I was Andy. Then, back we'd go pretty soon to the next five minutes. Day after day, after day after day, after year after year...
After several years, she began taking the work on all by herself. She applied the disciplines we had developed, and I no longer had to schedule practice times.

~ Thank You, God, for Your help and Your wisdom. We are only what we are as we seek to do Your will and let You make us what You want. ~