Thursday, September 4, 2008

Morning Inspiration

I may have posted these particular George MacDonald poems before; I didn't take the time to look in the archives. But if you're like me, good poetry is a little like scripture in that you can read and reread it--ponder it--and still get new inspiration. I read MacDonald's poetry, and sometimes I so connect with the reality of what he is portraying. It helps set my heart to flight--into the greater reality. The rest of the day, as I go about my duties, I am out there, seeking to have "no mine that is not Thine!" (emphasis mine)

Twixt thee and me there's no division,
Except the meeting of thy will and mine,
The loves that love, the wills that will the same.
Where thine meets mine is my life's true condition;
Yea, only there it burns with any flame.
Thy will but holds me to my life's fruition.
O God, I would--I have no mine that is not thine.

I look for thee, and do not see thee come.--
If I could see thee, 'twere a commoner thing,
And shallower comfort would thy coming bring.
Earth, sea, and air lie round me moveless dumb,
Never a tremble, an expectant hum,
To tell the Lord of Hearts is drawing near;
Lo! in the looking eyes the looked for Lord is here.

~ from The Diary of an Old Soul, by George MacDonald

I hope you have a day filled with a fresh awareness that God is here.


  1. "Thy will but holds me to my life's fruition."
    What does that mean? Could you help me out?..
    I'm translating a book that contains this quote and really can't be sure about its meaning...

  2. With the overall context of the poem being, in my understanding, a doing the will of God, I see this line as follows:

    If I want my life to produce good "fruit", it will be by and through doing His will.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to continue discussing. I love poetry! May your writing be a blessing!

  3. It helped me a lot! I now understand what it means.. :) I like your explanation and know that it's true.
    I am translating a Christian book, so I am sure that its readers will be blessed trough its content, if God wills.
    I have a hard time with a number of quotes or expressions... but you helped me sort out one of them. Thank you, Ms Laura! May God bless you!