Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I forgot to take a picture of LaRae with the apples before we had already cut up most of them, but here she is with a few of the Honeycrisps we used for making our freezer applesauce.

This little Pampered Chef gadget saves loads of time!

...and then here's another Pampered Chef gadget we use a lot in our home!

The recipe, from my mother-in-law, is so simple and delicious.
You just peel, core, and chop your apples; then put them in a large heavy pan, and cook them until they are the texture you want. We used a potato masher toward the end of cooking to mash them a little more; and then we let them cool before putting them into freezer containers. Some folks might add sugar, but we prefer it without.
It's not cooked down all the way in this picture, but you can see how it is starting to make juice and turn golden-colored.


  1. I hope we can find some affordable apples this year. We haven't had any for several years. We like to make applesauce, apple pie filling, and apple butter when we get the opportunity.
    We always enjoy your family activities.

  2. You have been doing all sorts of wonderful things with food lately!! Wow! Isn't God's creation just amazing?? I marvel at all the things we can do to make dishes taste good. All I can say is, "Wow!!!"

  3. I LOVE honeycrisps; they are my favorite apple. So you just cook the apples and then freeze them? Do you add any water? It sounds like a great recipe.

    Mom used to peel, core and slice apples for pies and then freeze them but I've never heard of freezing apple sauce.

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  5. Dorothy,
    We didn't add a thing. I can't imagine an easier way to perserve apples. I had never had Honeycrisp apples before, but they are really good! They just happened to be the type of apple Eckherts Orchard had ripe for picking, so we took a chance!

  6. Mom just gave me a bag of apples from the tree in the back yard; I think I'll try it!!!