Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome! Come on In.

My friend Rachel, at A Romantic Porch, is featuring my front porch on her blog this month. Isn't that sweet? I don't even feel like it's complete...we've never gotten spindles or rails up yet. But she likes it, and we enjoy it even though it's a work in progress. (It always gives you something fun to look forward to!)

Several visitors on Rachel's post (debuting my porch) said they'd like to see how I've decorated. Believe me, that is a continuing process too, and trial and error is the name of my game! But, I told Rachel I'd post some pictures, and who knows, maybe some of you can make suggestions, give me ideas, share your thoughts, help me make it better.

It might interest some of you that my dad is a timber jack. He cut the trees that we made oak flooring from. My brother, a multi-talented electrical-engineer, made a hardwood flooring machine, and my husband cut and laid (tongue and groove) every piece of hardwood floor in our home! It's certainly been a family project!

When you come in my front door, this is the first thing you see...slightly to your right.
The kitchen is in front of you. The dining room is directly to the right through an open doorway.

After passing by a little powder room and a coat closet (on your left) the big open great room is off to the left adjacent to the kitchen.

Well, that gives you a sampling. I will add more pictures from time to time. For some reason, I am having trouble getting them to upload today.

Enjoy your day, my blogging friends!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Laura, Your home is stunningly beautiful. I love the story about your hardwood floors. Thank you for taking us on a tour. Have a great day. Love,Rachel

  2. Too bad the picture of your front porch doesn't have the sound effects of neighborhood hoodlums banging around, ringing chimes and dumping potting soil. SO SO sorry.

  3. Lovely...also moved by the "100 %real" hardwood floors! So glad you added the adorable pic of you and Keith!!

  4. Hello, I'm back :-) When I saw your blog header the other day I recognized it as the porch featured on my SIL's blog. Your home is beautiful and so peaceful looking. LOVE the hardwood floors! I used to clean houses before kids and I would have loved a home like yours--decorated so beautifully and clutter free!! Thanks for sharing your pics. That was fun.

  5. I saw the link to your house on Rachel Going's blog....I decided to stop by and take a tour! How very beautiful! I simply LOVE your big front porch and all of your pretty decor! Those hardwood floors are fabulous! Thanks for giving us a tour...I really enjoyed it!

  6. Thank you for the tour. Your home is very lovely. First time to visit and will be sure to visit again. I appreciate your testimony on your profile.

  7. How lovely! I remember seeing it when it was just bare studs several years ago when our oldest daughters were babies... and I've always wondered what it turned out like inside. Thanks for the glimpses!

  8. Thank you for showing your lovely home. I definately am anxious to see the rest of it!

  9. What a beautiful home. I love your entry and all your pretty woodwork. I've always liked a bit of stripes on a stair way or the wall on the stair way like you have. Beautiful. I came over from Rachel's Romantic Porch.

    Bless you sweetie, Kathi

  10. I was instantly transported back about 8 yrs....I remember having dinner in your lovely home right after Mode Camp. But I didn't know the story of the floors...that is too awesome! A true labor of love; the stuff that gives a home "character". Thanks for sharing!