Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We had a Thanksgiving retreat this past weekend at our campground near Mode, IL. We always have it early to avoid cold weather. It was an encouraging and uplifting weekend, a time of building relationships, nurturing longtime friendships, and just enjoying the goodness of our Lord. We had encouraging Bible study, teaching on various aspects of Thanksgiving, beautiful countryside-views, yummy food--some over the fire that burned all weekend, fabulous fellowship (sorry, I can't resist alliteration), hilarious entertainment, awesome exercise--I'm still aching from softball! To say the least, it was a wonderful weekend. I seem to be the main one who took pictures this time, so I'll post some since E.G. requested! BTW, we really missed S.V. & K.N.! They were able to come last year, and it was such a treat for us!